FAQís about Water-Mat Coatings

Will my prints blush with Water-Mat coatings?

Water-Mat does not blush in high humidity conditions. However, drying time must be adjusted.

Can Water-Mat be applied over artwork?

It has been tested over many dyes, pencils, chalks and oils. Some dyes & oils worked
fine. Some did not. You should test the type you will use before coating.

Is Water-Mat odorless?

Unlike traditional lacquers, Water-Mat is virtually odorless.

Can prints coated with Water-Mat be used with bound albums?

Lacquer-Mat Systems has tested Water-Mat coatings with bookbinders and it was
approved .

Can I apply Water-Mat over a lacquered print?

Water-Mat coatings are formulated so they can be applied either over or under
lacquered prints. For example, you may want to apply Lacquer-Matís spray texture over
a print that has been coated with Water-Mat. However, with roller coaters, it does not coat sufficiently over Lacquer-Matís Suede-Matt (retouch tool) (several coats are necessary). This is not so when applying with spray guns or aerosol cans.

On what type of materials can I use Water-Mat?

Water-Mat has been engineered to coat photographic papers, dye-sublimation prints,
canvas, watercolor papers, electrostatic substrates, vinyl, coated paper and computer
papers. Individual properties will vary depending on substrates used. We recommend
testing to ensure that your specific requirements are met.

How do I prepare Water-Mat for spray gun use?

Although Water-Mat material is ready to use right out of the gallon, if you need to thin
material more, add water sparingly because the material can become thin very quickly.

How do I clean my Spray Gun?

After spraying, simply spray plain water through your spray gun to clean it.



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