Water-Mat 4000 (formulated for Spray Gun Use Only)

Easy-to-use, UV water-resistant protective coatings

Formulated to provide photographs and digital images with a durable, water and scratch resistant surface, plus added UV protection. Available in three finishes for spray coating applications: Diamond (gloss); Pearl Luster (luster, semi gloss); and Satina (satin-finish).

Water-Mat 4000 Features:

  • Coatings formulated to meet or exceed high quality standard

  • Apply with conventional spray equipment

  • Ready to use - no dilution necessary

  • Coatings formulated to meet or exceed high quality standard

  • Extremely low VOC’s and is environmentally safe.

Spraying Water Mat 4000

  • Apply in a spray booth with adequate ventilation

  • An external mix siphon spray gun such as Devilbiss Model JGA-510 is recommended

  • Mix the coating well prior to use to ensure all matting agent is evenly mixed

  • Strain into a clean canister

  • Use 35-40 psi

  • Adjust Trigger 1 turn open (approximately 1/4 open)

  • Fan adjustment 1 to 1-1/2 turns open

  • Place print on a near vertical easel.

Spray at a distance of approximately 8 inches from print. Move gun parallel to work at a right angle to the surface. Use uniform strokes overlapping the previous stroke by 50%. Adjust speed and distance to achieve a full wet coating. The closer the gun is held to the work the more coating is applied and the faster the gun must be moved to prevent sags. Holding the gun too far away causes dry spray or "orange peel".

Water-Mat 4000 Physical Properties:

• Viscosity – Delivered ready-to-use. Suggested viscosity range is 25-30 seconds, Zahn #2 Cup. Can be easily adjusted by simply adding small amounts of water.

• PH Levels – Designed to be PH stable, Water-Mat 4000 has an optimal range of 8.0-9.0. If it is necessary to raise the PH, add unscented household ammonia.

• Cure Time – Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes. Maximum water resistance will develop within 12-24 hours.

• UV Resistance – Excellent to reduce fading in non-light fast inks and dyes. Multiple coats will improve UV resistance and color stability.

• Shelf Life – Water-Mat 4000 is guaranteed up to one year. Avoid freezing. Mix well before use.

• Clean Up – Formulated for easy clean up. If coating has not dried, simply rinse with warm water. If coating has started to dry, use isopropyl alcohol. After coating has dried, we recommend using Water-Mat stripper.

• Film Thickness – 1.0 mil.



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