For use with a DeVilbiss MSA 510-30 spray gun

  1. Make sure your work area is clean.

  2. Always spray into a spray booth with adequate ventilation.

  3. A spray mask is required when spraying Water-Mat 4000.

  4. Set the air pressure at your spray gun to approximately 40-45 PSI.

  5. Fully close the SMALL KNOB on your spray gun (turn clockwise). Next, open the SMALL KNOB approximately 1-3/4 turns from the closed position. (turn counter clockwise) This will set your spray atomization.

  6. Fully close the LARGE KNOB on your spray gun. Next open the LARGE KNOB approximately 2-1/4 turns from the closed position (This will set your fluid flow).

  7. Hold the spray gun approximately 6-8 inches from your print.

  8. Always begin by spraying off your print and move the gun parallel to the print surface. A consistent hand speed is important. (Start moving your gun at approximately 1 foot per second and adjust speed to what ever works best for you)

  9. Practice spraying using low key prints until your results are acceptable and repeatable.