Water-Mat Print Coater

Designed with you in mind!
Designed and engineered especially for the small professional lab or medium to large studio.

  • Coats 350 to 400 8x10 prints per hour
  • Only 4 1/2 cents per 8x10 print
  • Will coat a wallet up to 16x20 print

1-year return on investment
The average studio will spend over $3000.00 per year in coating their prints.


Your choice of finishes
Select from the following water-based finishes:

  • Satina (satin, semi-mat)
  • Pearl (luster, semi-gloss)
  • Diamond (gloss)

User friendly
This coater is extremely easy to use...from
its fast drain holding tank to its easy to
clean rollers

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and handling for
this item will total $51


PLEASE NOTE:  When coating Epson's Premium Luster Photo Paper using any coater we recommend Water-Mat 2000 coating material. Set your coater to the higher speeds. This will prevent the print from wrapping around the main feed roller.


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Water-mat Print Coater


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Initial Setup
Initial Setup
Daily Procedures to Run a
Water-mat Print Coater

Daily Procedures to Run a
Water-mat Print Coater

Cleaning a Water-mat Print Coater
Cleaning a Water-mat Print Coater
Measuring Viscosity
Measuring Viscosity

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Most commonly asked questions....



Can you coat a print over retouch, dyes and pencil without the print being sealed with retouch?
Q. What type of materials can be coated?
A. All photographic papers and all of the various substrates that are used for digital imaging output.
  NOTE: We recommend testing to ensure that your specific requirements are met.

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